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Bullet explains why he manages only women


The CEO of RuffTown Records, Bullet, has said that he settled on a choice to work with female artistes in the Ghanaian music industry in light of the effect ladies have had in his life.

Talking in a meeting on Accra FM, Bullet said that he sees ladies as 'his moms', for which he has chosen to do all that could be within reach to cause them to succeed in their field of work, particularly music.

Beside his fondness for ladies, he uncovered a key explanation is that he had major monetary help from his female companions during his troublesome times.

The artiste turned administrator genuinely thinks that working with females is his own specific manner of offering thanks to the ones who helped him.

He made sense of that life became extreme for him when he was removed from home after he moved on from SHS in light of the fact that he chose to seek after music.

Projectile said he carried on with his life in the city and ghettos for north of 10 years until he rose to the spotlight - and in that period, he was dealt with by his female companions.

"At a point, I had only one sets of pants, one top and one shoe for an entire year and ladies were the ones there for me during my absolute bottom," he said.

As indicated by him, the motion caused him to have a weakness and understanding for ladies which assists him with finding their deepest ability and sustain it to its fullest.

Bullet said his friendship for ladies roused him to make his effective record mark to be a venturing stone for artistes.

This is obvious in the development of female artistes previously and presently on his name; any semblance of the late Coal black Rules, Wendy Shay, Fantata, Kiki Marley, Ms Forson and Brela who have been an amazing powerhouse.

Since the appearance of RuffTown records in 2015, Shot has created consecutive hit tunes, which has procured him the tag of quite possibly of the best artiste administrators in Ghana.

Referred to secretly as Ricky Nana Agyemang, Shot is currently open to working with male artistes and two; Danny Beats and Beam Jay have effectively gone through his mentorship.

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