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As the life of musician Fancy Gadam keeps beating the trends in recent developments in northern music assiduity, the star has taken to Dinchana on NTV with G.FACE to defend himself to People that describe him with the word "ungrateful" 

Fancy Gadam has seen this as a way for his "haters" to depose him or defamation him, having blamed him for not helping others and always wanting the growth of only himself. 

He claims that he has helped many people in this assiduity, which these "haters" have no way of telling him about. He said that critics have tried so many formulas to defame him that they're now observing him against his suckers and working mates. 

In trying to name the many people he has supported in this assiduity, Fancy Gadam said the " Asadaachi" song, which he did with Striker De Donzy a number of times. 

He gave De Donzy the song without taking a penny. 

He said that he had left De Donzy and his likes to God for lying against him in order to make him unpopular. Fancy Gadam said that he has proof that De Donzy has a drug problem. this and many were what he said in the said interview

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