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Nobody Will Support You Except if They Have An Individual Interest - A.K. Sonsgtress

Ghanaian music star and Jonathan hitmaker A.K. Songstress has low assumptions for individuals, particularly concerning her profession.

In a meeting checked by Ghana's Center point For Mainstream society and Metropolitan Diversion News - wwww.nydjlive.com, the performer told Abeiku Santana her encounters in the Ghanaian music industry over the course of the years have shown her various illustrations including anticipating nothing from industry players.

As per her, expecting much from individuals could leave you harsh and crushed. She dropped a day to day existence piece recommending that individuals possibly show interest in your business when they stand to benefit.

"Through my encounters, I've understood that nobody will commit oneself to supporting you except if the individual has an individual interest in what you do. It very well may be cash, some assistance or some sparkle.

Beside that, all the other things rests with you, your God and your group yet don't expect… craftsmen we teamed up with even wouldn't post the music so what else could you anticipate that someone else should get done for you? Expecting a lot from individuals will leave you unpleasant and grieved. Actually, I truly anticipate no individual (a craftsman or blogger) to help me to such an extent. I value each and every individual who has upheld me however on the off chance that you don't uphold me, I don't feel so disheartened," she said.

She said this as she converse with Abeiku Santana on OkayFM.

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